I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

Hi, my name is Dave, and I like to, uh, take things apart and put them back together…differently.   It started when I was a kid, taking things apart to see how they worked; then having my father put them back together.  Usually when a toy got broken, or I got bored with it; it would get recycled into something else.  I had RC cars with only 2 wheels, toy guns that would launch beans and oodles of other toys that were modified in some way.  Boy, you should have seen my G.I. Joe collection when I figured out that all the body parts were interchangeable between the dolls!

Then I grew up, got a job at a Fortune 50 company, got married and became a homeowner.  The married part is the most important.  You see, I am attention defecit.  It takes an exceptional woman to be with a man like me, and my wife acts like the bumpers you put up for little kids at the bowling alley.  Every time I start to go off course, she bumps me back in the right direction.  It helps some projects get finished, and others- well, it keeps them in check.

My main job occupation is Systems Support for a company.  My business on the side is technology related.  But my hobby and passion is TINKERING!  I love fooling with anything that I can fool with.  I love woodworking, electronics, stonework, home improvement, cars, RC cars, photography, computers, robotics, programming…nearly everything is on the books.  Usually what happens is I stumble upon something on the ‘net, then I geek it out; hardcore.  Then leads to a project or two, or in the case of my photography some expense.  In the end I gain a general knowledge of a subject and new entry to my list of ‘things I can do’.  Sometimes they develop into a full blown hobby.

So to summarize, I am a Geek.  A hardcore Geek.  I geek out on everything, and I kinda like it like that…


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