Macro Image Example

This is an LCD inverter for a laptop that I had to repair.

Recently one of my favorite sites, had a sale on 3MP point and shoot cameras for kids.  At around $10 a piece, I figured what the hell.  I picked up 3 figgering they would get lost, or broken, but they would be good fun for my 3 year 0ld daughter who loves taking pictures with Daddy’s camera (and Daddy hyperventilates every time she touches his $700 DSLR).  In all honesty, she actually takes pretty good pictures. That aside, I figured her having her own camera would be nice.

Upon receipt I was surprised to find a decently solid little camera with a not too bad screen.  I popped in some batteries and snapped almost twenty pictures on the internal memory.  I plugged it into my PC and was VERY surprised to find some decent pictures peeking back at me.  I gave the camera the nod, and handed it over to my kid.  But the wheels of geekyness where already whirring around in my head.

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